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Lentor Mansion Site Plan

Lentor Mansion Condo Site Plan

Nestled in an enchanting, uniquely elongated enclave south of Hillock Park, Lentor Mansion is your gateway to a realm where luxury converges with nature’s splendor. This exquisite retreat, distinct in its irregular shape, promises a lifestyle drenched in serenity and scenic beauty, ensuring every moment is framed by the lush, tranquil vistas of the surrounding parkland. Step into this idyllic world, where every day is a picturesque journey.

With a design inspired by nature and Singapore’s colonial heritage, Lentor Mansion seamlessly blends into the adjacent green spaces. The development features colonial-inspired facades and thoughtful landscaping that extends the beauty of Hillock Park into every corner of the residence.

  • Recreational Havens: Dive into luxury with an array of pools, including a leisure pool, lap pool, and children’s pool, all designed for relaxation and family fun.
  • Social and Fitness Spaces: Engage and energize in the clubhouse, co-working space, gymnasium, and multiple fitness stations, catering to all aspects of your active and social lifestyle.
  • Tranquil Retreats: Discover serene escapes in the meditation deck, forest walk, and garden terraces, offering peaceful solitude amidst natural beauty. Lentor Mansion features three sky terraces, offering residents stunning views of both Hillock Park and the expansive, unblocked scenery of the surrounding landed properties.
  • Family and Leisure: Enjoy quality time with loved ones at the family lounge, adventure park, and children’s playground, ensuring memorable moments for every family member.

Elevate your living experience at Lentor Mansion, where each unit is crafted for supreme comfort and exceptional views. Facing south/southwest, the higher floor units indulge in expansive views of natural landscapes like Peirce Reservoir and Thomson Nature Park, alongside the serene expanses of nearby golf courses. This strategic positioning enhances natural light and ventilation, crafting a tranquil living space for all residents.

Lentor Mansion prioritizes your ease of access with a thoughtfully designed main entrance, drop-off point, and ample parking facilities, including bicycle parking. The development ensures seamless daily commutes and easy access to lifestyle needs.

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